BRU CHILD ASSAULTED BY MIZORAM IR POLICE. On 30/01/2018, A nine year old child resident of Tuipuibari, Mizoram was accused of stealing some snacks from on top of a sumo with two of his friends. According to the Tuipuibari VC (Vice President) the packet which they had opened belonged to a Mizo missionary of the Presbyterian denomination, who was travelling from Aizawl to Rajiv Nagar. On seeing the packet which she had placed on top of the Sumo opened, and items missing, she submitted a written application of complaint at the Tuipuibari IR station. After days of investigation, the IR police suspected the young boy (9 yrs) as the prime wrongdoer. As informed by Mr Lalthlamuana (Y.M.A President) of Tuipuibari, 3 IR men in uniform went to pick up the child. When questioned by the mother of the child, as towhere they were taking him, they had answered that they were taking him to cut down some bamboos. But they had taken him to the graveyard, where one of the 3 police-men, Constable Lalhmangaiha, began assaulting the child. Even hitting blows on his head with their stick. The worried mother who went in search of their son, found him laying alone on the ground, in the graveyard. The CWC were informed and matters are now taken by the CWC, who even paid for the vehicle to take the child to the Civil Hospital, in Aizawl for treatment after the child began vomiting in blood. The child is a child of a single parent, as his father passed away some years back. According to Pu Lalmuanthanga, Tuipuibari Y.M.A President, an F.I.R has been lodged by the mother as adviced by the CWC. Note:- Copy & paste from Northeast Minority Group.