1)ch-- kaubru ni kethamma Khorthai.
2) . n.justice,right .
3)chaha--- v.past of eat.
4)chanai--v.future tense of eat.
5)chal--n. Far
7)chap-v. To catch very fast all at sudden.
8)chati-- light .
9)chapang--n. bushy
11) Chong-v.think
12)chongpreing-- One kind of instrument,one of the clans(panji) of bru
13)chongleng--- rainbow
14)Chorai---couple staying separate from parent after getting married.
15)chem-- Defeat.
16)chu--  to fold.
•chubu baileingkhong-- shovel nosed snake
•chla-- boy


•chor-circle, small thorn or anything that enter inside skin

•Chorkhouh- bamboo made basket where hen is kept to lay egg.


•chorkhy- spinning wheel

•choptui -bru traditional rice made beer.

•chapra- wastage, waste

•chauhprang- one kind of fly that BITE

•chauhsom-brown COLOUR


•chauh-to trap fish,bird ,animal etc






•chum-to cover with blanket,cloth

•cham- to be flattened

•chamai- name given n called by both side of father-in-law

•choring-very THIN,very thin in one part and other part remain thick.

•chor-chorma- helicopter wing made with leaf,paper as a toy.

•chopra- Baboo made where stationary things are kept